OBAMA Administration has approved HAFA Program!!!
Relocation money up to $3000
Foreclosure Process is temporarily halted
Deficiency waiver guaranteed by the servicer
HAFA has a less negative effect on your Credit Report.
Extended through 2013
Homeowner will be released from future liability of the Debt !

HAFA, the Home Affordable Foreclosures Alternative program, is a program from the US Treasury Department that went into effect April 2010. HAFA simplifies and streamlines the use of short sale and deed -in-lieu options for homeowners. To be eligible homeowners must apply for HAMP(modification) through your lender first. If you have applied and are still unable to pay mortgage (60 days late) or got denied you qualify  for HAFA.  This program is not a home saving program, but more like a "foreclosure avoidance" and "credit rescue" program. This program can now apply to Fannie MAE or Freddie MAC loans. This program can allow you to receive pre-approved short sale terms and acceptable net proceeds prior to the property listing. The loan servicer has to Elect to approve you for this Great Oppurtunity to take place. So wait no longer if you are in desperate need to get on with your life but maintain.. Call me and lets get started before its too late!!!!

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